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Luxottica Vacation as the name defines is an evocative tour company. Our ardour for making people’s travel a fond memory keeps us exploring the unique locations globally. We offer best international packages at bewitching prices. Also, the domestic trips are curated with amazing deals. There are trips that are designed categorically like the Solo travels, Couple travels and group travel packages. The scintillating underwater life in Maldives or the luxurious Dubai trip or the zealous trek to Himalayas, we have a dedicated team that layout the enthralling trip for our travel lovers to hold the doting memories in their hearts.

We ensure you that when you travel with Luxottica vacation you will have an amazing stories and interesting experiences to share with your loved ones. We believe to cater our travellers with the exotic and spectacular know-how of the best places. So we take you to delve into the unknown terrains of Siberia or the abandoned cities of Morocco or under the sky full of stars with a chilling beer at the beach to have the untold experiences and stories of your vacation. All you need to do is buy a ticket, pack your bags, catch a plane and make new friends and memories for lifetime!

We can guarantee you that every vacation you take with us will make you come back for more! With tours to destinations like Morocco, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Siberia, Ethiopia, Dagestan, Kyrgyzstan, Maldives, Turkey, Murmansk, etc, we are already an expert in crafting the exciting travel plans that will make you come back to us!


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